H125 Hydraulic Headers

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1-1/4″ Stainless Steel Hydraulic Headers

Connections: Trunks 1-1/4″ G, Branches 1″ MNPT
Diameter: Trunks ~1-1/2″ (42 mm), Branches 1″
Sizes: From 2 to 4 x Vertical + 1 x Optional Horizontal Branches
Material: 302 Stainless Steel
Recommended Flow: < 9.5 GPM
Maximum Flow: 19 GPM
Maximum Operating Pressure: 145 Psi
Maximum Operating Temperature: 194°F
Included are: Header Pair, BSP End Caps, Mounting Brackets
Optional: Horizontal Branch Adapter
Recommended: HSU125 Hydraulic Separator 1-1/4″ With Union Connections

5 years manufacturer warranty

SKUBranch CountTotal LengthWeight
H1251032+121-1/2" (546mm)
H1251043+130-1/2" (774.4mm)
H1251054+139-1/2" (1,003mm)