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S25-36-36 FC

Rhella S25-36-36 FC Cast Iron Circulating Pump

10′ of power cable included
Motor: 2-pole single phase 115 VAC 60 Hz
asynchronous squirrel-cage PSC
Strator and rotor: stainless steel shielded wet
Capacitor: 6 uf/400V
Body Material: Cast Iron
Pumped liquid temperature: 32°F -230°F (0°C – 110°C)
Max pressure: 145psi (1MPa)
Max flow: 36 gpm
Max head 36 ft

ModelVoltsAmpsWattsSystemGrundfos Equivalent
S25-36-36FC115 V3.0335ClosedUP 26-116 BF
Liquid Temperature≥185°F (85°C)≥194°F (90°C)≥230°F (110°C)
Inlet Pressure2 ft (0.6m) Head 0.7 psi (0.05 bar)10 ft (3m) Head 4 psi (0.28 bar)33 ft (10m) Head 14.5 psi (1 bar)
S25-36-36 FC
ModelABCDEFConnectionShipping Weight
S25-36-36FC6-½"6-⅜"5-¹/₁₆"5-⅜"3-¼"3-⁵⁄₃₂"GF 25 Flange, ½" dia. bolt holes12 lbs
S25-36-36 FC

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