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Stainless Steel 1″ Radiant Manifolds 

Max Flow Rate: 14 GPM Trunk, 1.5 GPM Branch
Maximum Temperature: 194F at 43.8 psi
Maximum Pressure: 145 psi at 68F

Included are:

Manifold with flow meters and loop valves
Mounting brackets
1 x 1″ End Cap
1 x Air Vent With Drain
2 x 1″ Ball Valves (1 Red, 1 Blue)
Thermal actuator compatible circuit valves

Radiant Manifolds
Type1" Manifold
MaterialSEA 304 Stainless Steel
Trunk Size1"
Circuit Count2 to 12 Loops
Warranty5 Years
PEX Size½ ", ⅝ or ¾ "
Supply ThreadDN 25, 1"
Loop Thread20 mm
ApplicationRadiant Heating
Fitting SystemPEX Compression
Test Pressure145 psi
Flow Capacity CV1.1 (Loop)
Max. Flow Rate Trunk14 GPM
Max. Flow Rate Branch1.15 GPM
Max. Operating Temp.194°F at 44 psi
Max. Operating Pressure44 psi at 194°F 87 psi at 158°F 145 psi at 68°F
Model NumberCircuit SizeABCDEF
RAM1022 Loops1"7.885.31"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM1033 Loops1"7.887.68"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM1044 Loops1"7.8810.10"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM1055 Loops1"7.8812.401.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM1066 Loops1"7.8814.76"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM1077 Loops1"7.8817.13"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM1088 Loops1"7.8819.50"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM1099 Loops1"7.8821.85"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM11010 Loops1"7.8824.20"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM11111 Loops1"7.8826.60"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
RAM11212 Loops1"7.8828.95"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"