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Stainless Steel 2″ Xtreme-Flow Manifolds

Max. flow rate: 75 GPM Trunk, 4.9 GPM per circuit
Max. temperature: 194 °F
Max. pressure: 145 Psi

Included are:

Manifold with mounting brackets
2 x Air vents and drains
2 x 2” End caps
Blue and red circuit valves
2 x 2″ G x SWEAT adapters
½ “, ⅝”, ¾ ” Compression adapters sold separately

Versatile installation

Horizontal or vertical mounted, the air vents are always functional.
Rhella X-treme flow manifolds offer true 2-1/2″ unrestricted flow through the Supply-Trunks-Return path.

Air Vents and Drains

Every Rhella X-treme Flow manifold comes with built in automatic air vents and drains.

Xtreme-Flow Manifolds
TypeXFM 2" Manifold
MaterialSEA 304 Stainless Steel
Warranty5 Years
Loop Count4 to 16 Loops
Trunk Diameter2-1/2"
Wall Thickness3 mm
PEX Size½ " , ⅝ , ¾ "
Trunk ThreadDN 50, 2" G
Loop Thread20 mm
ApplicationRadiant Heating
Fitting SystemPEX Compression
Test Pressure145 Psi
Max. Flow Rate (trunk)75 GPM
Flow Coefficient (cv)6 (loop)
Max. Operating Temp.194 °F
Max. Operating Pressure145 Psi
Model NumberLoop CountABCDEFWeight lbs
XFM2044 Loops17"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"19.5
XFM2055 Loops19-½"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"22
XFM2066 Loops22-¼ "21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"24.5
XFM2077 Loops25"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"27
XFM2088 Loops27-½"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"29.5
XFM2099 Loops29-¾"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"32
XFM21010 Loops32-½"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"34.5
XFM21111 Loops35 "21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"37
XFM21212 Loops37-½"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"39.5
XFM21313 Loops40"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"43.5
XFM21414 Loops42-¾"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"45
XFM21515 Loops45-¼"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"47.5
XFM21616 Loops47-¾"21"7-¾"5-½"9-¾"2-⅝"50